Block Management

Block management is the management of all matters related to the common parts of blocks of flats and other residential properties with shared grounds to ensure a high quality of maintenance and appearance.

Without proper management many problems can occur for flat owners, making properties often difficult to let or even re-sell. Quality management helps to protect and maintain the value of your property and assists in providing an enjoyable environment in which to live. Our success is built on this understanding.

Our dedicated team manage all areas related to the common parts of blocks of flats. Including:

  • Collection of the service charge
  • Ground rents, special levies and insurance
  • Organising maintenance and repairs
  • General day-to-day running of blocks of flats
  • Supervision of shared grounds to ensure a high quality of maintenance and appearance.

We believe in offering a personal service, providing expert knowledge and advice on all aspects of management.

We keep our clients fully up to date in the management process, communicating and ensuring transparency between owners, agents and occupiers. We listen, process and respond to your requirements as quickly as possible. Making recommendations and providing advice based on industry legislation.

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Our services include:

Routine Inspections

We carry out regular inspections to ensure flats are being looked after as you would expect. We find many maintenance problems can be avoided if there is a system of regular inspection. Clients are able to specify with us how many inspections they would like and how they are to be conducted.

Organise Repairs

We have an extensive list of contractors who are able to address all maintenance issues. We quickly assess the nature of the repair and act accordingly. We can organise quotations for major works and oversee any project, whilst dealing with smaller routine matters immediately.

Day-to-Day Contractors

We manage and appoint where necessary local day-to-day contractors such as cleaners and gardeners. Of these contractors, we relay our commitment to you by making sure standards of service are maintained.

Health & Safety/Risk Assessment

There is increasing legislation involved with flat management. We provide advice and instruct reports on your behalf so that the element of risk is managed. Reports to comply with recent legislation are automatically carried out for Health & Safety, Fire Risk and Asbestos and any others (e.g. lifts) where applicable.


We collect service charges, ground rents, insurance premiums and special levies. We provide annual budgets and manage arrears. Accounts are produced by accountants at the end of each financial year. We ensure at all times that clients' money is managed in accordance with the Client Account Regulations of RICS (i.e. in designated client accounts to ensure complete openness and transparency).


We ensure that the property has the necessary building, public liability and terrorism cover insurance and that the Directors have Directors and Officers' Liability Insurance.


We organise the Annual General Meeting where appropriate and any other additional meetings the property owners should require in the course of each year.

Day-to-Day Issues

We are involved with any day-to-day issues that affect the common parts such as noise, leaks and the dumping of rubbish and enforcement of covenants where required.


We ensure full liaison with solicitors, accountants and other professional parties to ensure sales/purchases proceed to completion as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Leasehold Enfranchisement

We are able to advise in connection with the purchase of the freehold and lease extensions in accordance with the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act and other relevant Statutory Codes.

All managed by our highly, qualified team in-house and through our recommended partners, leaving you with confidence everything is taken care of.

If you are seeking a managing agent to look after apartments or public open space on your behalf, please get in touch on 0113 239 5770.

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